• 26.3M Population

  • 6.34KKM2 Area

About Shanghai, China

The two Chinese characters that make up the city’s name - 上海 - translate into “Upon-the-Sea”. However, a name as simple as that does not tell the whole story behind the historic importance of the area.
Shanghai is also situated on the southern edge of the Yangtze River estuary – marking the end of the longest river in all of Asia. As a port city that controls trade throughout the Western Pacific, as well as the Yangtze, Shanghai has lived up to the many other monikers the world has placed upon it, such as “Paris of the East”.
The city has retained its cultural and economic significance throughout the years, surviving the comings and goings of the many kingdoms and dynasties that have formulated Chinese history as we know it. Its status as one of the four direct-administered municipalities in the Republic makes the city a central hub for economic development in both the arts and sciences.

Gem Empire of Tiger decided to lay down its roots here for this very reason, so that the “Pearl of the Orient” can continue to produce its gems for potential buyers of all nationalities.

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